Al tnoor publishes “Vision and Shadow”, a book written by Jordanian academics

Al tnoor Cultural Center, ” headed by the author Abbas Dakhel Hassan, published the following book within the critical and academic project launched by the said center: “Vision and Shadow: Critical Studies” written by Jordanian academics: Dr. Sanaa Shalan (bint Na,imeh), Dr. Muna Muhilan, Dr. Moath AL-Zu’bi, all three of whom are faculty members at the University of Jordan.

The book comes in 174 large pages and consists of an introductory overview and six chapters containing specialized critical studies:

1-The image of Jordanian society according in Ahmed Hassan Al-Zu’bi satirical.

2- Political Alienation in the Jordanian Short Story: Selected Models.

3- Legendizing of The Hero in (The Epic of Gilgamesh.

4- The implications of fear, their consequences, and endings in the writings of Jordanian novelist Ahmed Mansour Az Zu’be in his novel: “Sommon, Bokmon, Umyon”.

5- The formation of fear and its symbols in Ahmed Mansour Al-Zoubi’s Al Annah (The Castration) and Wara’a Ad Dabie (Behind the Hyena).

6- Narrative structure technique in (Secured by Forgetfulness) By Sanaa Shalan.

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