The drug war
By Rula Samain

 alnashraaldawlia –

The drug war on Jordan is not a recent development, but recently it has taken a distinct and sharper turn compared to the previous years posing multifaceted challenges to the government, regional governments, and worldwide.

Drug trafficking has attempted persistently to infiltrate the Northern borders of Jordan in recent years seeking to establish a market within the local community. The escalation of such incursions has reached an alarming level, prompting the Jordanian military to respond decisively.

Recently and in response to the escalating threat of this, the military launched air strikes targeting suspected smugglers’ warehouses and hideouts in Syria. The Jordanian-Syrian border has increasingly become a focal point for drug smugglers since the onset of the Syrian civil war in 2011, primarily owing to Jordan’s strategic location as a transit point for the lucrative Arab Gulf market. This essential reaction underlines the gravity of the situation and the government’s commitment to controlling and preventing the influence of drug traffickers along the borders.

Drug trafficking has a destructive effect on both individuals and communities. It slowly but fiercely permeates through the fabric of society, leading to a countless of harmful consequences. Individually, it can result in addiction, physical and mental health deterioration, and a loss of personal autonomy. Families are often torn apart as the destructive influence of drug abuse, and communities face the burden of increased crime rates, and violence.

It also reaches further beyond. Drug trafficking contributes to the broader socioeconomic challenges faced by societies, including strained healthcare systems, economic instability, and compromised overall well-being.

Jordan has successfully demonstrated significant commitment in securing its borders against drug trafficking in order to maintain the Kingdom’s well-being and the security as well as the neighboring countries, despite the political pressure the country is under. This achievement underscores the resilience and efficacy of Jordan’s efforts in the face of complex geopolitical dynamics, and emphasizes its commitment to countering the threats posed by “drugs militias”.

Successfully combating drug trafficking relies on having a clear public knowledge and perception to realize the important role, alongside the military, in fighting drug trafficking.

Public awareness and support are essential components in this kind of war, since they contribute to the effectiveness of government initiatives and reinforce the collaborative efforts between the authorities and the community. Our society holds complete confidence in the transparency, fairness, and efficacy of the law enforcement efforts. Such confidence enables individuals to provide valuable information and actively engage in preventative measures.

Drug trafficking is a threat to the global community and because of its transitional nature, it requires collaborative efforts between countries to combat it effectively.

*Journalist and writer specialized in Interfaith Dialogues, Peace and Reconciliation

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