The Jordanian Military Field Hospital in Gaza is one of the heroics of the Jordanian Armed Forces_Arab Army_
By Dr. Daniela Al-Qaraan

Alnashraaldawlia –

 The Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army – is the shield of the nation, the apple of its leader’s eye, the symbol of security and stability, and the symbol of sovereignty and independence.  Our Mustafa Arab army has drawn Jordanian landmarks of pride and pride, formulated by the loyalists of this army with determination and ability as they stand as an impenetrable bulwark to protect our beloved homeland.  Since the founding of the Jordanian state until the second centenary, the Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army – worked side by side with the rest of the institutions to build and develop the Jordanian state with all its institutions in many fields to be an effective partner and supporter of the Jordanian national renaissance process and achieve the higher national interest, and it was able to continue to perform  Its operational duties are carried out professionally, efficiently and competently, and it performs its development and humanitarian roles in various vital sectors.

The Jordanian Armed Forces – the Arab Army – and since it bore this name and the crests of its knights were decorated with the emblem of the Arab Army, carrying a nationalistic, humanitarian message and an Arab Hashemite approach, its first forces were formed from the Army of the Great Arab Revolt, which came and rose for the sake of Arab unity, freedom and independence, repelling injustice from the oppressed, and spreading the principles of  Humanity, soldiery, and its laws among people.  Throughout the stages of history, this army has carried the nation’s concerns, reached the heights of glory in defending its causes, and shed blood and lives on its behalf. It has provided and continues to offer its capabilities and expertise to all brothers in the Arab world. This message, which it carried with its wise Hashemite leadership, has extended to relieve the stumble of the oppressed, the deprived, and the displaced in the regions.  He was diverse from the world and embodied, through his character and humanity, the meanings of military honor that emerged from the spirit of the tolerant message of Islam as a religion, morals, and way of life.

Let us go back to the year 2009 and talk about the heroic stances of the Arab Army, when a group of Arab Army officers received news and it was the happiest news for them;  To choose them as part of the force that will head to the field hospital that His Majesty King Abdullah II ordered to be established that year in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood in the Gaza Strip.  At that time, the Jordanian street was experiencing great turmoil and tension as a result of the Israeli attack, which was the first large-scale aggression on the Gaza Strip, which began on the twenty-seventh of December 2008 and continued for 23 days until the eighteenth of January 2009.  About 10 days after the aggression ended, the hospital began its work in Gaza as the first Arab hospital in the Strip.  Meanwhile, during the outbreak of war, His Majesty the King donated blood to the people of Gaza, launching a national blood donation campaign. The Arab Army was then instructed to equip the military field hospital, from whose services millions of Gazans have benefited from its establishment to the present day in light of the harsh war that began on October 7.  From 2023.

 Going and joining the military field hospital in Gaza is the dream of every officer and member of the Arab Army. Although they will face a humanitarian catastrophe amidst great pressure in light of an ongoing war, and a large number of martyrs and wounded, the soldiers of Abu Al-Hussein are exerting all their energies and efforts to provide the best possible services in  Under the difficult circumstances, we were motivated by a high sense of responsibility towards our brothers in Gaza.  After that, the batches of crews leaving the Kingdom of Jordan to the hospital continued, as the crew was replaced every two months before it became every 3 months starting in 2020. The military hospital in Gaza includes most specialties, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and radiology technicians, in addition to support services staff such as:  It works on washing and ironing clothes, preparing food, and guarding. The hospital contains an operating room, sterilization equipment, a fully equipped dental clinic, and other clinics for internal specialties, general surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, obstetrics, and dermatology, a medical psychological researcher, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, a 24-hour emergency room, and a testing laboratory.  It has a radiology and large pharmacy divided into two sections, the first for medical consumables such as wheelchairs, crutches, and the like, and the second section is dedicated to medicines.  The work of doctors and all medical personnel is no less difficult than combat work, amid great stress and a shortage of equipment, supplies and supplies, in contrast to the huge increase in the number of wounded and martyrs whose transfer to hospitals hardly stops. In addition to the Jordanian military field hospital, we also do not forget the tremendous efforts of the hospitals that already exist.  In the Gaza Strip, in light of the scarcity of medical equipment, they all work tirelessly or without stopping in light of the violent bombardment and massacres committed by the enemy.

The need is becoming more and more apparent for any efforts that support the work of the health sector in Gaza, including the efforts provided by the field hospital, through which it embodies a humanitarian aspect of the depth of the general and firm Jordanian position in supporting the Palestinian cause and always standing by the rights of the Palestinian people and supporting them in all forms.  An intense Jordanian role to help Gaza despite the Israeli bombing and massacres it committed from the first aggression on the Gaza Strip until the October 7 War of 2023. This constituted a great danger to the field hospital, and threatened the continuation of its work in Gaza. However, His Majesty the King directed that it be kept in the Gaza Strip and continue  In his work;  To support the health system in treating the wounded and sick, and the last great achievement and not the last, it is considered the first and the first and the first and the highest royal directives recorded for the great Jordan, as a Royal Air Force plane this day dropped urgent medical aid in the hours of the night using parachutes to the Jordanian field hospital Gaza 76, which is about to  Its supplies are running out due to the delay in delivering aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing. Thus, Jordan is considered the only Arab country that has parachuted in aid amid the massacres and aerial bombardment carried out by the Israeli enemy on the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Daniela Al-Qaraan is an academic and researcher in political, legal and international affairs, and a member of the Union of Arab Writers and Journalists in Europe

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