Economic boycott is a war without weapons
Dr. Daniela Al-Qaraan


Dr. Daniela Al-Qaraan is an academic and researcher in political, legal and international affairs, and a member of the Union of Arab Writers and Journalists in Europe

It is an era of economic conflict and the seizure of the capabilities of vulnerable peoples, a dirty war run by Jewish hands that control the global economy through a vast network of giant transcontinental companies and through international banks and financial institutions that have become widely influential in international decision-making and spreading wars and epidemics with the aim of controlling humanity and controlling them.  Controlling markets and monopolizing industrial and agricultural production which the Holy Qur’an describes as a malicious, greedy psyche that worships money, they are greedy and insatiable, and this has led them to encourage them to wage wars, stir up strife, and conspire against the capabilities of peoples, especially the Arab and Islamic peoples who are sitting on enormous wealth. They were not satisfied with what they reap from our markets and what they plunder from our wealth, but rather they turned to trying to enslave us.  Destroying our capabilities and corrupting our societies.  And here is the Jewish hand, whose corruption extends even to people’s livelihood and health, in a malicious attempt to reduce the population of the planet with the aim of keeping it at a certain level for which they are able to provide products through their companies and factories, instead of providing the opportunity for other companies that may compete with their companies and pose a threat to their control of international markets.  The Jewish cunning has reached the level of human trafficking or human organ trading by preying on the suffering of poor people or immigrants searching for something to satisfy their hunger, and in the dark and dark night of conscience, kidnapping or murder gangs arise so that the greedy can satisfy themselves at the expense of their lives and blood, and how many stories are also being circulated about that!  In the face of this reality, the cry calling on the nation at the beginning of the second millennium was the necessity of possessing awareness and confronting the conspiracy of the enemies of our nation and preparing what could be prepared to confront what we are experiencing today of terrible conspiracies, military, economic and biological wars and unprecedented conspiracy.

refusal and voluntary abstention from consuming the products of a company or country, or establishing any economic relationship with it;  To pressure it or force it to respond to specific demands, such as changing its positions or policies towards some issues, such as human rights, ending the occupation of a land, or stopping aggression against a country.  A boycott is defined as a voluntary, planned abstention from purchasing certain products or dealing with a specific person or persons, organization or institution. A boycott may amount to a state boycotting another country.  A boycott is characterized as a negative behavior (abstention from action) that carries with it political, economic, and religious motives. The goal is always to create an impact on the party concerned with the boycott. The impact may be isolation, financial losses, and the impact may lead to the bankruptcy of the target behind the boycott process.  .  However, there is a difference between boycott and civil disobedience. The latter is directed against the government and not against private companies or entities independent of the central government.

With the increase in Israeli violence against the people in Palestine and the Gaza Strip in particular, and with the continuation of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, which is imminent, and the comprehensive siege on the Gaza Strip, calls are escalating to activate the Arab economic boycott of the Zionist enemy and any company that deals with it and provides support to it and its soldiers.  As a possible effective weapon, the phenomenon of economic boycott has moved from the official sphere to the popular sphere by abandoning the consumption of Israeli and American goods, and any goods or products that provide services to the Zionist enemy, stand by it, and support the crimes it commits against humanity in the Gaza Strip, meaning the economic boycott of all…  Goods that provide the Israeli enemy with money, and those that reach those who support this enemy;  Whether that is America or other Western and Eastern countries, it is the least that can be done and sacrificed in this time when military confrontation is no longer the ideal solution.

The Arabs hope that the boycott will stop the blood of our children in Palestine and in other areas where Muslims are subjected to persecution and abuse.  Moreover, the weapon of economic boycott is one of the effective weapons used throughout the ages, from the era of siege of the people at the beginning of the Islamic call to the modern era, where the value of the economy increases.

Boycott, or as it is called in English (boycott), is considered one of the most important and successful peaceful means through which a real impact can be achieved on the party targeted by the boycott, especially if the latter is a company or a group of companies, as the boycott strikes the most important pillars on which it is based.  Private companies: profit!  Profit is the first and last goal, so any attempt to undermine it constitutes an unbearable obsession and nightmare for companies.  There are two types of boycotts in terms of time duration: a limited-duration boycott – one time affair – which aims to correct a specific situation by temporarily interrupting it, so that the boycott ends when the situation is corrected and the boycotters are responded to.  The second type is long-term, as the boycott becomes a type of popular awareness and a permanent plan, which includes a permanent and comprehensive boycott, as well as influencing political decisions and governments and pushing them to adopt a boycott, especially when it comes to boycotting a country or an organization.

Everyone may agree that the Internet in general, and various social media outlets in particular, play an important role in spreading the idea of boycott, as they go beyond traditional media, which are often subject to pressure from governments and lobbies, as well as influential people and owners of major companies, so that social media remains able to overcome any pressure.  It may be exercised on its users, giving individuals complete freedom to choose what they deem appropriate for them and their political, religious, and cultural orientations.  Which increases the extent of the spread of the boycott idea, the goal behind it, and its immediate and future paths and outcomes.

What makes boycott a legitimate means and path to exert influence and inevitable pressure on the target is that it is peaceful.  That is, it does not require carrying a weapon, nor going out in demonstrations, or any other non-peaceful process. Rather, it is sufficient to sever ties, not to deal with, not to buy, not to watch – watching certain television programs – or not to pass exams.  The peacefulness of the boycott, on the one hand, produces great results on the other hand. The loss that the boycott may cause to some party – especially companies – is often a heavy material and financial loss with a tangible impact, such that it may push the target company to concede and submit to the demands of the boycotters, out of its desire to continue…  Its existence, so that fulfilling the demands of the boycotters would be the lesser of two evils.

Therefore, I think it is important that we move towards boycotting all Zionist products, and boycotting any company, whatever it may be, that extends a helping hand to the usurping enemy, by refraining from buying all the services and goods it produces, especially those related to food.  Economic war is no less important than military war, as they are two sides of the same coin.  The economic boycott is a method of pressure on everyone who stands with the enemy who is committing the most violent massacres against our Palestinian brothers.

I believe that the media and economic war, if the compass is directed well, will make a big difference in the military battle taking place between two parties on the battlefield. Just as the media war is known for its ability to reveal false facts and turn the war tables in favor of the weak party by publishing hashtags, pictures and videos that are necessary.  For the Western world to watch it and see the real massacres being committed on Palestinian soil.  It is also the economic war by resorting to boycotting Jewish products and every product that supports this usurping Zionist occupation.  We have seen a lot of real evidence that led to huge results and losses for some companies or countries as a result of them adopting policies against the people, or against the policy of another country.

An example of a boycott that made a big difference and clear pressure is King Faisal’s economic boycott, following the 1967 war and the 1973 war. Two days after the outbreak of the first war, he announced the Saudi oil embargo on Britain and the United States, and following the outbreak of the 1973 war, the embargo movement led  Petroleum, which included the Gulf states, this embargo had an impact in directing the battle.

Defending what he called “defending freedom of expression,” French President Emmanuel Macron came out to say that his country would not abandon the “caricature” that insulted the Prophet Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace. These statements by Macron were met with severe criticism in large parts of the Arab and Islamic world,  Several protests also appeared in countries, and many calls were launched to boycott French goods. As the demands for the boycott expanded, the French government came out to appeal to the governments of the countries concerned “the need to stop calls to boycott French goods and demonstrate,” and considered that these calls “distort the posit…

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